We easily meet international standards by adopting the latest quality control systems that involve 100% checks at three key stages during the manufacturing process. Many manufacturing companies choose to test a sample of their goods before shipment. We scrutinise every single piece of furniture.


In the first stage of tests, our dedicated quality control team check the structure of the furnishing, ensuring the practicalities of the piece are sound.


The second stage compromises of a series of examinations to confirm that the furniture has the correct finishing. Be it sanding, spraying or painting, we make sure the furniture looks exactly like how the client wants it.


The third stage of packaging checks the basic but essential factors in manufacturing furniture, such as the inclusion of the assembly kit, before testing the external packaging to confirm the furniture will not sustain damage during shipment.


Western management has trained our quality control team who work on a ‘zero returns’ basis – the highest standard achievable. Our group of more than 60 individuals is based full time at the manufacturing factories, meaning they are there to oversee and advise on each component for every product.


Any potential problems with a piece of furniture are identified early and rectified immediately before going through our three key stages of quality control again.

Global Homes always works towards the goal of 100% quality standard and takes every possible precaution to ensure only the best product is shipped to the client.


Every one of Global Home’s shipments exceeds market standards. This excellence in our finished products is directly attributed to our quality control team’s attention to detail, supported by the skill of the craftsmen who ascertain that the best furniture is made from the start.

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